“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heavens.” ~ Tagore

Welcome to Colorado Mountain Ventures! As a professional arborist and property care specialist for more than 30 years, I have built this company with a passion and energy for blending  natural, sustainable resources with well-kept and designed properties. For both homes and businesses, what lives outside your door is as much a part of your family as all who live within. Thanks for visiting.

                                  With Gratitude, Michael Murray

Tree Ascension — Without Spikes


There are two methods for climbing trees. One uses tree-friendly methods, such as friction savers and mechanical ascenders, and the other uses "spikes", what you might have seen a telephone pole worker using before bucket trucks. We only use spikes when we're climbing dead or diseased trees, or a tree selected for removal. We use utmost care to protect the health of your trees on every single climb.

My Tallest Climb


I've spent a lot of time in the top of trees. With the latest  equipment and techniques, I'm able to ascend to places only the squirrels and birds see on a regular basis, without harming the tree. My work in the Pacific Northwest has introduced me to some of the tallest trees on earth. My tallest climb ever was up a 285-foot Coastal Redwood in Redwood National Park in Eureka, California.

Firewood Available All Year


As part of our responsibility to the environment, we save any wood we can from removals for firewood. We have a great selection of quality, long-burning hardwoods. Quarter Cords are $50 each. If you need a larger amount and would like to schedule delivery, please call to discuss pricing and availability.

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